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I’m a photographer, videographer and artist based in Norfolk, England. I pay attention to detail and like to create atmospheric and natural imagery. I’ll often spend a little time getting to know my clients so I can provide them with exactly what they need. I’ll always be honest if I don’t think I’m the person to create what you are looking for, and am happy to recommend fellow creatives who are excellent at what they do. If you’d like to discuss a photo or video project, please do get in touch.

My professional photography career began in 2003, when I embarked on a 15-year photography journey working with musicians and artists from all around the globe. My images have been published extensively, and I am incredibly fortunate to have met and worked with some amazing people. My first professional video experience was as director of photography on a music video for Ed Sheeran and P Money. From there I went on to film, direct and produce my own videos – you can find two of those on this website.

Life then took me on a bit of an unplanned diversion with the loss of my mobility. I don’t jump into the photo pit at the front of a stage anymore, but I still photograph people and document places and if anything it has made me more creative in what I do. In an added bonus I have found being very good at sitting has also been excellent for observing landscapes and wildlife, which in turn has inspired me to draw again.

​ My photographic prints and drawing creations are available to buy online on Etsy.

Thanks for reading.  

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